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E.R. Pilot: Aired September 19th 1994.

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His dignity is stripped from him immediately, and it’s an incredibly traumatic event that comes out of nowhere. He’s no longer free in that instance. In that scene specifically, he doesn’t know who’s going to be there and he sees his great friend there showing her love and support. In times of need and trauma in all of our lives, that either brings people closer together or further apart. It’s an interesting moment where Kalinda and Cary get closer.

Matt Czuchry about Kalinda visiting Cary in jail

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Datsyuk vs Zetterberg (x)

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Karen Glaser - Dark Sharks

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"In my opinion, I’ve had the greatest job in the world. I’ve got a chance to be the shortstop of the New York Yankees, and there’s only one of those. I always felt that my job was to try to provide joy and entertainment for you guys, but it can’t compare to what you’ve brought me. So for that, thank you very much. Now I’ve loved what I’ve done, I love what I do, but more importantly I love doing it for you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much." -Derek Jeter

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The Seven Gods who made us all,
are listening if we should call.
So close your eyes, you shall not fall,
they see you, little children.

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Gwendoline Christie on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Sept 2) (x)

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lookslikeicavedfml asked: imo the best explanation for lockhart not being first is bc diane is the one who joined alicia and cary's firm, maybe?

but she’s the best one

and has more work experience

and is my queen :(

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We’re now Florrick Agos & Lockhart.

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"I gotta tell you, this is…I think this is the best one of the three that we’ve won. You know, our team just played—I thought we played so well. Everybody played so well. We got stronger with each round, we got better. I thought winning once was great but…I don’t know why this one’s the best. This one is so good." (x)

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the seven deadly sins vs the seven heavenly virtues

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